Enhancement of Facebook Comment Metrics


We are expanding our Facebook metrics for comments. From now on, the difference between direct comments on a post and replies to comments, i.e. sub-comments, will be taken into account.

You can choose between these three metrics:

  • Number of Comments (total): Sum of direct comments (first level) and sub-comments (second level) on posts
  • Number of Comments (primary): Number of first level comments
  • Number of Comments (secondary): Number of second level comments

So far, the key figure Number of Comments only included comments of the first level. This sometimes led to inconsistencies, because posts on Facebook always show the total number of comments of all levels. The values on Fanpage Karma were therefore lower. With the introduction of the new key figures this is no longer the case. 

There are some metrics, such as Engagement or Post Interaction, that are based on interactions and therefore also on the Number of Comments. From now on, we use the Number of Comments (total) for their calculation. 

This affects the following key figures:

  • Engagement
  • Post Interaction
  • Page Performance Index
  • Total Number of Reactions, Comments, Shares

It is possible that these values are now somewhat higher than before.

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Take the chance and put Fanpage Karma through its paces.