Analytics – Frequently Asked Questions


Why are fields in my table blank or values blurred out?

Empty fields

1. Key figure does not exist for corresponding social media network (example: there are no shares on Instagram)

2. There is a lack of data needed to calculate the value

Retrospective pulling of historical data (example: fans) is not possible via the official APIs of the networks Historical data is only available from the moment you add a profile to Fanpage Karma, so it may be that metrics that are based on historical data can not be calculated for certain time periods.)

Values will appear blurred out in your dashboard if you do not have the necessary insights rights for the profile. For example, you can not evaluate reach metrics for profiles if you are not their admin.

Why can’t I add an Instagram profile to the Dashboard?

Your Instagram profile must be an Instagram Business Profile. Personal Instagram profiles can not be analyzed and added to dashboards.

Instagram explains how to convert your own Instagram profile at

Why do I see more likes on Instagram than in my dashboard?

The value of likes and comments in your dashboard is the value of organic likes and comments on Instagram. Paid likes and comments are not included. Only admins of the advertising accounts can evaluate paid likes and comments.

Fanpage Karma differentiates the key figures “Likes (total)” for organic and “Likes (paid)” for paid likes.