How to Access Insights Metrics


In order to work with insights KPIs the following requirements are needed.

Your personal Facebook profile needs at least the analyst status of your Facebook Page. Your Instagram Business profile needs to be connected to a Facebook Page that you are the admin of.

Furthermore, your personal Facebook profile has to be admin of the ads account of the Facebook Business Manager which you use to push ads on to your Instagram Business profile (if applicable).

If this is the case, please follow the next steps.

  1. Go to an existing dashboard or create a new one. Click on +PROFILE, then on +ALL MY PAGES. Follow the instructions to grant Insights permissions for your Facebook Pages.
  2. If this was successful, you can now grant Insights permissions for your Instagram Business profiles by clicking on +PROFILE and then on +ALL MY PAGES. Now all your Facebook Pages and the connected Instagram Business profiles should be marked with a yellow star, indicating that insights KPIs are available for evaluation.
  3. Attention: In case your desired Facebook Page was not listed under +ALL MY PAGES, you did not grant the necessary permissions. To change this, please follow the these steps.
    1. Log out of Fanpage Karma.
    2. Open and and remove the Fanpage Karma App.
    3. Log in to Fanpage Karma and allow all permission requests.
      1. Click “Choose what you allow“
      2. Make sure to activate “Access your Facebook ads and related stats“