Tagging – How to Analyse Posts Based on Content

Have you ever wondered why one post went viral and another didn’t?

Fanpage Karma Tagging helps you find out which characteristics of posts are responsible for their good (or bad) performance.

How to Create a Social Media Tagging

  1. Go to a dashboard of your choice in the “Tagging” section (last point of navigation)
  2. Select a period
  3. Create tags for individual properties that you want to examine
  4. Tag the posts by clicking on the tag buttons below the posts
  5. Evaluate the results in the “Charts” and “Matrix” tabs

Tip: You can create as many tags as you want and assign as many of them to each post as you like. If you leave a post without a tag, it will automatically receive the tag “untagged posts”. With the help of this tag, you can exclude all posts that are not relevant in the evaluation.