Account & Invoice ‚Äď Frequently Asked Questions


What is the period of cancellation?

More information can be found here:

How do I change my edition?


Only the admin of the account can change the booked version. In the account settings, you will find the overview of your booked tools and versions.

  1. Click on “change version”
  2. Select the desired version
  3. Click “Make a payment” to confirm the change.

Watch out

When changing the version, additional costs may arise. Go to to find all information about costs and versions.

How do I switch a license between users?

See your Account settings to find the overview of the users, who are added to your account already and which tools they are activated for.

  1. At first click on the user, who shall be deactivated for a tool, remove the checkbox of the corresponding tool and save the change.
  1. Now click on the user, who shall get the license, set the checkbox of the corresponding tool and save this change to complete the switch of a license.

How do I set an user as admin?

An admin has full access to the Account settings, is able to order paid subscriptions and licenses, view invoices, and also the manage the general settings for the complete team.

An admin can manage the account without being activated for any paid subscription themself.

See your Account settings to find the overview of the users, who are added to your account, click on the the preferred one, set the checkbox for the admin option and save your change. Afterwards this user has to log out and in again at Fanpage Karma to continue as admin.

How do I cancel my subscription?


The termination must be done by the account admin.

  1. Go to account settings
  2. In Subscription area, click on button “Set all editions to free”

To terminate a single product:

  1. Click button “Change version” in corresponding product line
  2. Choose “free” in drop-down
  3. Click on “Confirm binding order” to save the change (there will be no charge when you change to “Free”)

A display next to each canceled tool shows when a change becomes active.

Further information can be found here:

Which payment options are available?

To pay your subscription on Fanpage Karma you can select between Bank Transfer (IBAN/SWIFT), Direct Debit (within the European Union only) and Credit Card (Mastercard, VISA, American Express). You can select your preferred payment during your first order. Afterwards we can change the method on your demand.

All payments include an PDF invoice, sent by email.

Where do I find my invoices?

See your Account settings to find all your invoices, including the details of the payment and the option to view and download them.

Who do I change my invoicing details?

See your Account settings to find the overview of your invoicing details, click on for your tools and their version. Click on CHANGE ADRESS to update your details.

For further changes Рpayment method, order number on the invoice, new VAT ID, etc Рplease send us an email to and add your account id, that is listed on your Account settings.

Is it possible for a colleague to join my Fanpage Karma trial?


Yes, of course! After logging into Fanpage Karma you are able to invite your colleague to join your account and start their 14-day trial. This way you can use shared features like answering messages, planning posts and analyses together.

  1. Go to account settings
  2. Click +TEAM MEMBER
  3. Add name and email address of  your colleague (email does not have to match with Facebook email address)
  4. Check “Analytics, Engage, Publish” in drop-down
  5. Click ‚ÄěSend‚Äú
  6. The invited person has to follow the instructions in the email

In case you need assistance, please let us know:

How do I reactivate a deactivated user?


Deactivated users appear grayed out in the user table of your account settings. Only the an admin of the account is able to reactivate them:

  1. Go to account-settings
  2. Click on the pencil icon which appears on the right when hovering over the user
  3. Check the box of the tool you want to activate the user for and save 

How can I change the language?


You have the choice between English, Spanish or German. To change the language:

  1. Go to Settings under Personal
  2. Click on pencil icon in top right corner
  3. Select the desired language and click “Save”

How can I replace a user without incurring new costs?


To prevent costs from arising when changing users, you must first disable the user to be replaced. Then you activate the user who should take his place. If the new user was not yet part of the account, you must first invite him to Fanpage Karma. These steps can only be performed by the admin of the account.


Deactivate user

1. Go to the account settings

2. Click on pen icon that appears when you mouse over the user

3. Deactivate all checkboxes 

4. Save your change


Invite new user (only necessary if the user is not already in the account)

1. Click + TEAM MEMBER

2. Fill in name and e-mail address (does not have to match Facebook e-mail address) of the person you want to invite

3. Check desired module in drop-down

4. Click “Send”

5. The invited person can now join your account via the link in the e-mail


Activate user

1. Click pencil icon that appears on the right when you mouse over the user

2. Activate checkbox for desired tool and save change


I’m leaving the team and am admin of the account. How can I make sure the company keeps access to all data?

How can I add more users and activate licenses?

In the account settings you will find an overview of the users belonging to the account. You can invite people to join your account:

  1. Click + TEAM MEMBER
  2. Add name and email address of the person you want to invite
  3. Choose the license the user should be enabled for in drop-down
  4. Click “Send”


Adding another person to your account will result in additional costs. You can find more information here.

How can I deactivate/remove a user from my account?


Only an admin may deactivate or remove a user. In the settings an overview of the users of your account.

To deactivate a user:

  1. Click on pencil hover icon
  2. Deactivate checkbox of the tool you wish to deactivate for the user
  3. Save

To remove a person:

  1. Click remove hover icon
  2. Click “OK”

How can I create an offer?

This is how to create an offer at your preferred rate.