Daytime Analysis – How to Find the Best Time to Post

Finding out the best time to post is important for you to reach your target audience exactly when they are receptive to your content. Fanpage Karma’s daytime analysis shows you when you can expect a lot of interaction for new posts. Here’s how it works.

  1. Create a dashboard to which you add all relevant competitors in your industry (important: make sure that you add enough profiles that address the same target group as you do)
  2. Go to the Analyses section, where you will find the daytime analysis graph
  3. Select a period in the upper right corner (the longer the period, the more posts are included in the analysis)
  4. Check the two boxes below the graph to exclude outliers and imbalances between the profiles from the result
Daytime Analysis – How to Find the Best Time to Post - exclude outliers

Tip: Perform the daytime analysis for each network individually. Since the individual networks have different characteristics and distribute posts differently, a mixture would falsify the result. Instagram posts, for example, are much more durable than tweets and therefore receive interactions longer. To exclude profiles or networks from the analysis, click Hide in the left bar.

Daytime Analysis – How to Find the Best Time to Post with Fanpage Karma

Evaluate Result

The graph shows you at which times of the week the most posts were made (size of the circles) and when there were the most interactions (color of the circles):

  • the greener the circle, the more interaction occurred
  • the bigger the circle, the more posts were made

β†’ The best time to post is where the circles are greenest. Here is where there were most interactions in the past. If the circles are green and large, this means that many posts are already being made at this good time anyway. So it makes sense to use the times of the small green circles for your posts, because here you have less competition.

Tip: Click on the circles to display the respective posts.

If you want to know even more precisely

Daytime Analysis – How to Find the Best Time to Post - Real-Time Analysis

There is a way to make completely sure that now is the perfect time for a post. The LIVE board in your dashboard gives you an overview of the most important events in your industry. You’ll learn how much is being posted, what the most discussed topics are, and more.