Can I choose a thumbnail for Instagram videos?

Yes, you can with the area ‘Publish’!

What are the available video-formats that I can upload in Publish?

You can use mp4 and MOV-formats for Instagram, and mp4 and MOV, wmv, ogv or mkv for Facebook

Is it possible to tag other profiles when I publish posts with Fanpage Karma?

Yes, this function is available for Instagram and Facebook. Please make sure you don’t insert ‘@’ in the search field, but only the text.

For twitter you can use ‘@’ to tag other accounts.

Is it possible to publish videos in LinkedIn using Fanpage Karma?

Unfortunately, posting videos on LinkedIn is currently not possible for external providers.

We are allowed to use the official interfaces to post or reply on LinkedIn. Unfortunately, the functions for external providers are not always as extensive as the possibilities on the platforms themselves. We offer everything that LinkedIn makes officially available. Unfortunately, the function you want is not included. Whenever something new is possible, we implement it immediately and make it available to all customers.

Can I plan Instagram Stories in ‘Publish’?

Yes, Instagram Stories can be planned in Publish. They can not be published automatically, but you can see them in your content calendar. To plan Instagram Stories, open  Settings:

After selecting the profile group click on ‘+Profiles’ and press the button ‘Other’ on the right side to select additional profiles. Select ‘Other’ in the field ‘Platform’, insert the profile name (e.g. Instagram Story_*name of insta profile*). After this just insert your email to receive a notification that will remind you about the Story you planned to publish. 

When everything is set up, just go to the area ‘Publish’ and you will see the added profile after clicking on ‘new post’->’add profiles’. 

Can I edit the pictures of posts using Fanpage Karma?

Yes, you can! We integrated an editing tool to Fanpage Karma, so you can attach texts, add stickers, change filters of the pictures etc. After you choose the picture you want to publish just click on ‘edit’.

The edited pics can be added to your ‘library’, so you can edit the pictures you want to post in advance and find them any time in your library. Each profile group has its own library of pictures.

Can I search for free stock pictures using Fanpage Karma?

Yes, you can search for amazing free stock pictures in ‘Publish’. When you add a picture for a new post just click on ‘from gallery’ and insert the searching word. Enjoy!

Which social networks can I publish posts to via Fanpage Karma?

You can publish posts in your own profiles with valid access permissions on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

Can I use links in posts?

Yes, you can add links for all social networks except Instagram.

Can I add geotags in the posts in the area ‘Publish’?

Yes, you can add locations to your posts!

How can I share my content-calendar with the external people?

This function will be available in the near future! You will be able to get external feedback for your clients to plan your posts in the most efficient way!

Is it possible to publish Instagram Carousels with Fanpage Karma?

This option unfortunately is not available yet due to the API. As an official Instagram partner, we will be one of the first to be able to offer that feature for you. But as of now we must wait until Instagram allows third party tools to do that.

What is the hashtag-composer for Instagram in the area ‘Publish’?

The hashtag-composer is an amazing tool that shows you the most relevant and popular hashtags. Use this function to increase your reach and clicks!

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