Finding Inspiration For New Content

Ever run out of ideas for new content? No problem, see here how you can use Fanpage Karma to find out which topics are currently in demand and what is worth posting about. Let’s get started!

What Other Companies Post About

To find out the most relevant topics, you need to know which posts are currently going viral.

  1. Go to the Discovery section under Posts
  2. Select a network (preferably the one you want to post on later)
  3. Select the period “last 24 hours”
  4. Select the “Brand” category
  5. optional: select your country or language

The list now shows the most interactive posts from companies in the last 24 hours. Go through the posts and get inspired.

Tip: If you already have an idea for a topic, but don’t know how to post about it, you should have a look at how other companies have posted about it. Enter a keyword in the input field in the upper left corner.

Let’s say you’re planning a contest campaign for Facebook and you’re not yet sure how to design your post. Type “contest” in the text box. The list now shows the most successful contest posts. Take a look at how the companies get their users to participate.

Tip: Click on a post to see the complete post with comments in the network. This way you can also see how the community reacts.

Important Topics in Your Industry

If you want to know which topics are currently hot in your industry, proceed as follows.

  1. Open a dashboard with the profiles of your competitors (if you don’t have one yet, here’s how to create one)
  2. Go to section posts
  3. Select a time frame in the upper right
  4. optional: enter a keyword into the input field

Now go through the list and have a look and be inspired by the posts of your competitors.

The screenshot shows the posts of the profiles of the US retail industry on the topic “vegan”. Among them are for example recipes, store opening promotions, or funny pictures of carrot hot dogs. A social media manager of a supermarket chain will find many ideas to promote a vegan product here.

Now it’s your turn!

You learned how to find out which topics are currently relevant on social media and in your industry and how to post about them. Go for it!

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14-day free trial

Take the chance and put Fanpage Karma through its paces.