Webinar: How-To Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma Webinar

You want to use Fanpage Karma efficiently? Then we definitely have something for you!

Whether you’re new to social media or a social media veteran, this webinar will give you an overview of the tool’s key features. You will learn how to successfully use Fanpage Karma for your social media management and get helpful tips and examples for the daily use of our tool. 

Don’t forget to ask your questions at the end of the webinar and become a social media specialist!


The Webinars

We organize weekly free webinars to teach you the how-to’s of Fanpage Karma. In 75 minutes we will explain to you what you need to know in German, English or Spanish.

You will learn:

  • how to evaluate your social media profiles and analyze your competitors
  • how to create reports
  • how to schedule content and post it automatically
  • how to answer requests from your community quickly and efficiently

At the end of our presentation, we take time to answer your questions.


The Dates

Our webinars take place weekly and are available in German, English and Spanish. You will always find the latest dates on this page. We use Zoom for the online meetings. Click here to register for our upcoming webinars:




5 PM (UTC+1, Berlin)
12 PM (UTC-5, New York)
9 AM (UTC-7, Los Angeles)
6 PM (UTC+2, Cairo)
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10 AM (UTC+2, Berlin)
10 AM (UTC+2, Cairo)
3 PM (UTC+7, Bangkok)
5 PM (UTC+9, Tokyo)
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12 PM (UTC+1, Berlin)
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12 PM (UTC+2, Berlin)
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5 PM (UTC +1, Madrid)
10 AM (UTC-6, Mexico City)
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5 PM (UTC +2, Madrid)
10 AM (UTC-5, Mexico City)
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Secure your place now and become a social media expert! We are looking forward to meeting you.

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