Page Performance Index

The Page Performance Index (PPI) is a combination of engagement and growth. It combines both figures to provide an estimate value for a pages success and is based on the average growth and engagement values of all pages in our index.

We start by by calculating values between 0 and 100%, both for the Engagement and for the Growth. These values serve as a comparison to all other pages in our index.

A value will be set to 100%, if a page is part of the top 10% for this value, so 90% of the pages we are monitoring have a lower value.

Afterwards the engagement and growth are multiplied, the square root is extracted and the values scaled to 100 to present the top end.

Example: Page A has an average Growth rate of 3% and an Engagement rate of 0.2%. Both values are better than 90% of all pages in our index, which produces “temporary” values of 100% Growth and 100% Engagement. These temporary stand-in values multiplied equals 10,000 (100*100), the square root of 10,000 again is 100, which results in a PPI of 100%.