Scheduling Stories

Stories are an essential part of your social media content? This guide will show you how to create stories with Fanpage Karma and schedule them across networks in your editorial calendar. 

Please note that stories can only be scheduled. You’ll receive an email reminder at the time you plan to publish your content. 

(The screenshots can be enlarged with one click).

Create Stories

You can find the editorial calendar under Publish in the main navigation. To create a new story, follow the steps below: 

  1. Click ” + Post” in the upper right corner 
  2. Select “Story” in the dropdown menu
  3. Pick the profiles you want to create a story for under “Select Profiles”
  4. Enter the publication date under ” Date and time “
  5. Enter a story text in the input field 
  6. Click on the graphic field and add an image, video or gif for the story
  7. Optional: Use the image editor to customize images (crop, filter, add text, etc.)
  8. Repeat the process for all selected profiles

Edit Story 

Is your image not in the right format? We have a quick solution! With the image editor you can change your images to the right network format, apply filters or add text and stickers with just a few clicks.

  1. Open the story draft
  2. Add an image
  3. Click on the pencil at the bottom right and open the image editor 
  4. Edit the image according to your wishes 
  5. Select “Save image as new variant”
  6. Click “Add”

Once you have finished editing your stories, you can finalize the story draft and initiate the approval process.

Get Approved

Before publishing your content, we recommend getting story drafts approved by a second person. This allows other decision-makers to review the content, comment on it, and correct any faultys The approval process ensures that no incorrect stories are published.

  1. Click „Approve” in the story draft 
  2. Your team will receive a notification. Under the bell icon on the top right of the navigation list you will find the request. They must click on it.
  3. If the story needs to be edited again, you can leave a comment and click on ” Withdraw” to put the story back into draft mode
  1. Now a notification appears under the bell that a story has been rejected
  2. Implement the feedback
  3. Click „Propose” again
  4. The story will be confirmed with a click on ” Approve “

Now the story is ready and appears as scheduled in your editorial calendar. Before the scheduled publication of your content you will receive an email as a reminder.

Planning Your Stories Solo? 

  1. Select ” Approve”
  2. Go to start screen 
  3. Click on the story in the „Waiting for approval” column
  4. Select ” Approve myself” and confirm

Get Started Now!

Now you know how to create and schedule stories with Fanpage Karma. Start now and organize all your content in one editorial calendar!

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