Evaluate, respond, schedule and publish Instagram Reels

This is what we’ve all been waiting for! You can now use Fanpage Karma to analyze, publish and respond to Instagram Reels. Due to a change in Instagram’s official interface, this is finally possible. We reacted immediately and added the new features to Fanpage Karma.

Instagram Reels are becoming more and more important. With more features, they achieve higher reach and are better suited for building followers. Since reels have become increasingly popular, the added value of native videos has decreased significantly. Instagram will therefore merge several video formats in the future so that all videos will automatically be published as reels. Thus, the three previous video formats (feed video, reels and IGTV) will become one: Instagram Reels. Existing published videos will remain as they are and will not be converted into reels. 

Expanded analytics

Along with the changes, we are also expanding our metrics. This allows you to analyze Instagram Reels in greater detail and gain deeper insights into your performance. Instagram Reels can be found in all charts, lists and tables that you can also use to analyze regular posts. In addition to the regular post metrics, the following metrics are available specifically for reels: 

  • Reel plays
  • Reel shares
  • Reel total interaction

Analyze Instagram Reels

We will add all reels to each profile. Please note that reports can change accordingly over past periods.

Easily schedule and publish automatically

Creating and publishing your reels has become much easier. From now on, you can create and schedule your content in the editorial calendar and also publish it automatically. After you have added your video to your post, you can now decide whether content should be posted as a video or reel. 

Publish Instagram Reels with Fanpage Karma

Create your Instagram Reels easily with Fanpage Karma and benefit from the fact that they will also be published automatically from now on. Your Instagram Reels will also be posted in the feed by default. Ready to get started? Then publish your first reel now!

Schedule Instagram Reels

Interact with followers

Things just got easier for community managers, too! Receive all comments on your Instagram Reels in Engage and reply to them from your inbox as usual. 

Start interacting now

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14-day free trial

Take the chance and put Fanpage Karma through its paces.